Barkshire Dog Trading Company Vintage Logo 01


We are Reuben and Amber Lara. We love dogs, we love art, and we love living in the Berkshires!

Local dog lovers calling our beautiful area “The Barkshires” is nothing new, but we felt that we owed it to local and visiting dog owners to fully explore the fun designs that could celebrate this play on words. And given that we have an in-house artist and easy access to an already established community of artists and creative professionals, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do!

We hope that the the fun we are having creating art and celebrating dogs shines through in our collection of quality apparel and collectible designs.

Please let us know what you think of our brand and what you'd like to see made. We're always looking for feedback!


Photo courtesy of @yana.brandnew who snapped this casual shot last year right after we rescued Mille. Banner image by David Sunshine

Reuben sketching on a napkin